Wheel of Change

from by The Greenman and the Muse

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Ever get the feeling that you are going around in circles? The truth is, you are! We all are. We live on a planetary sphere that keeps turning, and that planet circles its star, that that star is circling that silver wheel we call the Milky Way. We are all part of the wheel of change that keeps us from standing still. If we end up going the wrong way, rest assured, the wheel will turn us back around.


"Wheel of Change"
by Cernowain Greenman © 2011

1. I know your dreams keep fading fast
Trying hard to find your path
Living on the Silver Wheel
We keep playing "Lost and Found"
But one day I promise-- you will see
That all we have to do is be
Cause if you ever go astray
The wheel’ll turn you back around. (Ch)

(Ch) I've found my destiny (oo..oo)
It's no planned strategy (oo..oo)
Simply following the Wheel of Change
that keeps spinning round and round
‘Round and around we go...
‘Round and around we go...

2. Now I'm laying out my tarot cards
And gazing up at the wandering stars
There's no single point that's fixed
In this universe we can’t define
So, I'm learning not to hold too tight
To the things that change overnight
And live within the constant flow
And try to keep an open mind

Bridge: Wheel of Change
Spinning ‘round and ‘round
We live and learn on the shifting ground
Wheel of Change spins us far apart
We live and love, and once again we start
Wheel of Change
Wheel of Change


TAG: ‘Round and around we go...



from Magick Planet, released September 15, 2011
Vocals: Cernowain Greenman, Anaan Sapphira
Shaker: Anaan Sapphira
Rainstick: Ken Bowman

"Magick Planet" CD produced by Archer Productions of Indianapolis, IN. Check them out at www.archerindie.com

CD cover artwork by Mickie Mueller www.mickiemuellerart.com



all rights reserved


The Greenman and the Muse Indianapolis, Indiana

CD artwork is by Mickie Mueller. Singer-songwriter Cernowain Greenman, with a quiver full of mystical songs, brings listening bliss that awakens the Pagan spirit. Anaan Sapphira, the "Muse", is the duo's female vocalist and percussionist. Anaan brings her beautiful descants, along with drums and a variety of percussion, to complete this duo's special uplifting and enchanting sound. ... more

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